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Dr. Reed,  How long does it take to do a transgender orchiectomy?  Leverne

Dear Leverne,  Transgender orchiectomy actual surgery about 15 to 18 minutes.  However, you’ll be in the operating room for about 45 minutes, and a dear friend is invited to be with you if you wish.  First we attach monitors for blood pressure, pulse, and pulse oxymetry.  Then we start an IV to give you a prophylactic antibiotic, also a taste of a tranquilizer such as Versed, and later on an intravenous narcotic (Fentanyl).  You may require some shaving of lower pubic and scrotal hair.

Numbing cream is applied (EMLA) is applied the the scrotum.  We wait 15 minutes.  Then cleanse the skin with a disinfectant and slowly inject a mixture of lidocaine and marcaine to numb the midline of the scrotum (the incisional area) and also the cords on either side.  Then we allow another 10 to 12 minutes for that to take effect.  If you have any discomfort, we are not stingy with pain medications.  After completion. we will apply some steri-strips over the surgical area and most importantly place 4 by 4’s and an absorbent dressing over that all retained with 4″ wide swathe of compressive tape.

You’ll then be transferred to the recovery room where your friend or loved one can continue to be with you (we’ll pull up a chair).  An ice pack in a pillow case is applied to reduce bruising and pain, though the anesthetic usually lasts for about 4 hours.

After 2 hours, you’ll be wheel chaired to a waiting vehicle to be taken directly to a nearby hotel or home.  Bed rest for the rest of the remainder of the day day except for using the commode. Expect a followup visit or call the next day after your transgender orchiectomy


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami

PS we hope you’ll find our fee of $2,500 affordable

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