Transgender Vaginoplasty, economical and in the USA

Good evening!  Researching Sex Change Vaginoplasty.  I’m sending this email because I’ve been looking into different surgeons to do my SRS with here soon, and my original plan was to go to Thailand however I would like to avoid that if possible since it’s overseas and my girlfriend Danielle is currently planning to schedule her surgery with Dr Reed for sometime in January and I’d like to be able to have the same surgeon as her when I do go for mine. I saw on your website that you are scheduling the next 5 vaginoplasty procedures for $5,000??? I would VERY much like some information on this if possible since as it stands I had planned to pickup a second job to be able to afford the costs, and when she showed me this my jaw dropped to be honest. She also said that I could get like an overview for the things I need to be doing in preparation for the surgery? Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing from you!


Dear Sabrina,

Yes, we can very closely approximate that surgical fee.  There is also a facility fee component  which covers anesthesia,and  2 shifts of RN nursing care.  If you call the office on Monday and ask for Anne, she will bring a smile to your face with a compassionate fee.  Please understand, you have to be medically qualified for surgery.  To chit chat on the phone there is no charge.  Your consultation fee which provides for many detailed telephone calls, E-mail exchanges, obtaining a thorough medical history, opening a folder for you, reviewing therapy letters, lab work, and a letter of medical clearance as well as your first visit to the office is 250.  Any compassionate fee tendered by our office is good for 2 weeks, during which time we ask that you send in a 50% ^good faith” non-nonrefundable deposit to hold a date..  So please be sure this is for you.

We encourage you to shop around with other experienced transgender surgeons.  Please look at photos on their web-sites vs. ours  (before and after photos)    We hope to provide an affordable vaginoplasty for you with good cosmesis and function .


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


Moist, lubricated vagina (Dr. Reed’s patient)


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