Discounted Vaginoplasty Wanted

Dear Dr. Reed

You have been referred by my 2 therapists in Dallas, Texas. They have mentioned your special
promotion and thought I might be a good candidate.

What availabilities do you have for transgender vaginoplasty?


Dear Alicia,

Staring in May we do have some openings. You need to initiate a consultation first after we send out some materials for you to peruse. Please realize that the offer is for surgery only, so you will needs funds for transportation for yourself and a female friend, hotel expenses (fortunately now we are off-season), dilators, lab work, medical clearance and small change for bed protectors (disposable pads), anti-embolism stockings, a housecoat, medications etc.

The offer is good through April, so if there is interest, please initiate consultations to be sure your are qualified.

This is really for someone who has done their research and would like to save about $10,000.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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