Transsexual orchiectomy

Benefits of an Orchiectomy for Trans Women: 

(taken from TS Surgery guide)

1. Ability to stop taking antiandrogens and reduce estrogen

2. Increased health from reduction of medications

3: Saves money on medications

4: Might be able to legally change sex with an orchiectomy

5: Easier to “tuck” and hide genitals

6: Taken more seriously by society

7: Increased body image

8: Improved and faster feminization

9: Can no longer have testicular pain

10: Never detransition even if you can’t take medications

 There are also some possible downsides to getting an orchiectomy if you are planning on later sex reassignment surgery (SRS). The scrotal skin could possibly shrink resulting in less for later, and the money could have been saved for SRS. However, if you aren’t close to affording SRS then you can save on medication costs. 

There is not much money lost for vaginoplasty in that we give our patients who have had orchiectomy with us a $1000 discount in addition to other compassionate discounts we provide towards vaginoplasty.

We have yet to encounter a case of orchiectomy where there was not enough scrotum for a scrotal graft extension when added depth is sought.We do a high ligation of the cord so there is no palpable “tootsie roll.”   For those who wish simultaneous removal of the scrotum we do that also, see photographic examples.
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