Understanding the costs for MTF plus how long do I stay in Miami

To the Office of Dr. Reed:

Thank you for your quick reply to my email. I shall approach you again in April to set up a surgical date as you recommend. Until then, I have two questions:

I want to make sure I understand the costs. What is the complete (including facilities use and anesthesia) cost for both stages of surgery? The website seems to state that it would be $14,500.

Also, how long should I stay in Miami for Stage 1 of GRS? Thanks once again for your assistance.

Best wishes,
Robin Martini


Dear Robin,

Our published price for feminizing vaginoplasty which includes surgery, use of the facility, anesthesia, an overnight say with an RN and myself in attendednce is 14,500.  Hopwver each year we open up a special promotion for needy patients.  Please call Anne to see if you qualify. Thus far 9 our of 16 positions have been taken.  Youi need to be seen early in the morning a day before surgery to update you medical records, pose any last minute questions, sign the consents, and begin your bowel prep.

Surgery the following day is called the “zero day” and then you will be seen daily.  On the 7th post op day, you will return to the office… your packing, and pull up sutures are removed.  80% of our patients will leave that ay.  Your catheter which you can remove, comes out on the 12th post-op day and your sutures on the 14th post-op day.  Be sure to have a doctor at home who you will pre-arrange to do this for you.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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