Urethral Spongiosum Rest, post Vaginoplasty, feel bulge when aroused

Dr. Reed   Had sex change vaginoplasty 2 years ago and feel a midline bulge just above my vagina when I’m aroused which makes penetration difficult.  It’s below my clitoris.

Dear Katrina,

Based upon what you are saying, seems as though you have a urethral spongiosum rest or some erectile tissue left over that normally surround the male urethra.  This is fairly simply to remove usually with an vertical incision in the vaginal wall to permit better access.  The erectile tissue is removed both by dissection and cauterization.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

Below is an anatomic picture of the male bulbar urethra so called because it swells like a bulb and just outside the channel is “spongy” erectile tissue that if not removed is called a “rest” or urethral spongiosum rest.


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