Urethral spongiosum rest

Dr. Reed,  I had a vaginoplasty about 8 year ago and have a lot of swelling just above my vagina when I am aroused.  It makes penetration very difficult.  I think this is too low for my clitoris.


Dear Daniella,

More likely than not, you have a urethral spongiosum rest.  There are 3 erectile tissues that comprise the penis. 2 bodies lie side for side and are called the corporal bodies.  Surrounding the urethra on the underside is another body of erectile tissue . This is erectile tissue remnant which swells when you are aroused.   I have posted a photos which shows that.  The approach for correction  is to exposed the urethra by making a midline inaction in he vagina and cauterizing this spongy tissue leaving just the urethral tube itself. This is fairly simple surgery.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

male and female pelvis

Above on the left side is a the male urethra  mostly comprised of erectile tissue. On the right side is a picture of the female pelvis.

Image result for cross section of the penis

Cross section of the penis showing the corpus spongiosum urethra.

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