Vaginal Depth Concerns in Male to Female Sex Change Surgery

Dr. Reed, Can you do a scrotal graft for greater vaginal depth?  How much extra will that cost?  Grace

Dear Grace,  Thank you for your interest in our male to female surgery procedures.  Our primary approach is to invert penile skin because there is a smooth transition and the erogenous penile nerves are left intact. We are talking about penile shaft skin.  You already know how important that is and maintaining orgasm is number one.

When developing the vaginal space, we certainly do not want to enter the abdominal cavity.  Your potential pelvic depth is about your height in feet and the fraction of your inches above that over 12.  So if you are 5′ 8″ your potential depth is 5″ plus 8/12″  or about 5 and 2/3rds inches.  Close to 5 and 3/4 inches.  Once your vagina matures you may with use of dilators stretch this space somewhat deeper, but slowly and carefully.  Let’s be honest, if you want an 8″ vagina, maybe think of a colonic vagina, but I can assure you this is almost as unrealistic as wanting triple G breast implants (if there is such a size made).

There is no extra charge for adding a scrotal graft extension and befores and after pictures of how this is done is on our web-site  Also in an article I can Email to you.

Aesthetic and functional male to female genital and perineal surgery: feminizing vaginoplasty by Dr. Harold Reed.

Semin Plast Surg. 2011 May;25(2):163-74.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

Harvested scrotal graft leaving basically skin only


Scrotal graft is tubularized over a stent measuring a good 5 inches



Scrotal graft attached to penile shaft skin for added depth

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