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Dr. Reed,

Any specific recommendations for electrolysis before vaginoplasty?  Is laser OK?


Dear Tania.

Yes you should hair removed (epilation) from the scrotum, penile shaft and 2 inches above in the pubis, and perineal area ideally 2 months before surgery.  Any hair regrowth receives secondary treatment. “The 10% of the 10%.”   Laser works on dark hair only and there are medications to add more melanin to your hair, personally I prefer electrolysis.  The best laser technician is better than
an inadequate electrolysis.  We recommend topical anesthesia such as EMLA (on the skin) so higher settings can be used.  Generally speaking laser seems to be more expensive.  In our office Anne is able to doing fairly good job in 3 sessions.

The reason to do epilation is vulvar hair is not very feminine and hair growing in the vagina will not be a smooth experience.  In natal women, there is no hair in the vulva, around the clitoral body, and surrounding the inner lips. Hair growing in the perineum (that section just in front of the anus) seems more masculine than feminine.

An electrolysis diagram is posted on our web-site


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


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electrolysis diagram vaginal hair

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