Vaginoplasty Male to Female Promotion| Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,  Please confirm your vaginoplasty promotion for $6,000.  I got a “this just in” call from my therapist.  Diana

Dear Diana,  Yes, we have sent E-mails to 200 therapists throughout the United States who have active transgender counselling practices.  Many already know me from other clients   The fee for surgery is $6,000.   Imagine that!   Limited to the first 5 who need a compassionate surgical fee to get started, but otherwise can make ends meet.

Anesthesia and facility costs still apply, but in that we already own our Florida approved office based surgery center, the economy is there..  Serious patients are requested to initiate a consultation to be sure they fully understand all aspects of preparation and aftercare.

Please Email  for more information.   Our web-site  contains many before and after photos.

Have a wonderful day,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


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