Vaginoplasty promotion First 16 in 2016

Dr. Reed,  Is your vaginoplasty promotion for male to female vaginoplasty still available.  Who should I speak with to get more information.  Does it make a difference if I do not have insurance?


Dear Lisa,

Yes, our vaginoplasty promotion is still available.  We are aware that these are challenging economic times, and it is more important that you have below the waist gender confirmation, than a silly profit margin.

Glad you visited our web-site  Hope you can relate to the before and after photos.  The reason we are able to offer perhaps the most affordable prices in the US is that we own our surgical facility.  This is a free standing facility and we can only accept patients that obviously need to be done in a hospital setting.  If you have insurance, they may pay for your hospitalization and anesthesia and that would be a big savings for you.  Certainly we encourage you to check around with other experienced transgender surgeons.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami
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