Vaginoplasty Question

Dear Dr. Reed

Had a vaginoplasty a few years ago and I feel a fullness protruding into the vaginal opening area especially when I am aroused which makes penetration difficult. My urinary stream also does not come directly down but splits?


Dear Alysa,

More likely than you have a urethral spongiosum rest. This refers to the erectile spongy structure that surrounds the urethra which is more prominent in the base or perineal portion. This portion of the urethra is called the bulb. Ideally, this needs to be removed but as this is a potentially very vascular area, your surgeon may have minimized cutting in this area. The remedy is to do it now.
Often the urethral opening tends to elevate because of penile skin inversion to form a vagina. The pubic skin should be undermined so it does pull back, and lift the urethral opening, but occasionally this does happen.

All this is fairly easy to correct. Please look on our web-page especially example 5 and 10/2 and you’ll see we try to keep the urethral opening as low as possible without being intravaginal.

Hoping this is of help,
Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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