Vaginoplasty with scrotal graft extension for depth

Do you  perform a scrotal graft extension to enhance vaginal depth?

Dear Jennifer,

Yes.  We use the inverted penile shaft skin technique.  We strive to provide 5 to 6 in inches of vaginal depth.   When the penile shaft skin is insufficient to form a deep vagina, we will do a scrotal graft extension gratis..On side view, the penis emerges a good 30 degrees higher than the clitoris and the vagina is even lower.  For starters, you lose 2 inches of penile shaft skin length just wrapping around the pubic bone.  To compensate we loosen the pubic skin to allow the penile shaft skin to slide down further, and also fixate the inward end of the vagina as high as possible in the pelvis with pull up sutures and packing  We’ll have a much better idea when we see you.

Be assured if needed you will have scrotal graft extension, gratis.  Important then is that you follow our electrolysis diagram posted on our web-site  Any hair tugging in the vagina is a deterrent to pleasurable coitus.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

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