Vaginoplasy Revision Needed

Dear Dr. Reed,

The more i read on you and your service. My whole heart felt its you who i need or needed from the start.
I knew nothing much about SRS except I wanted to live my life as a full time transwoman. I got my SRS in May.2014. (Abroad).
I have not have sex Intercourse, for one I don’t like the apperance of it.My urethra sticks out to far,blocking entrance to vagina.
Making dilating very hard and painful.I know all that complications or problems can be solved at once by you.Hands down.
I read about some kind of specialty going on in April.If i can get a close estimate of cost.I’m able to call for a consultation.
Please Help Me. I don’t want to go abroad even Surgeon ask for a small fee. I saw all I needed to see in your profile.
Here’s is what I’m seriously having done.

1st.My urine goes straight to the bowl instead towards the water. (so it splashes back onto me.
Thats nasty).I can’t use the restroom it public,afraid i might wet myself and jeans.So i hold it til i get home by then my stomach hurts so bad.
2nd.Part of my urethra is blocking my vagina causing it to be less wider &.Painful when dilate. (I read in your profile maybe alot would
hve to do with the erectile tissue and urethra needs to be shorten.
3rd.It doesn’t look like a natural woman’s one. (again i read in your profile,that a libia revised)
I had a pretty good depth of 4 1/2-5inches,bcuz of painful dilating i shorten my dilation to 1x aday.
So please Dr.Reed help me by giving me a close estimate of what the cost.I will send photos
if needed to take considering cost.

Thank you,


Dear Tashana,

Sounds like you have a high emergence of the urethral opening and a urethral spongiosum rest.

When you are aroused, the erectile tissue surrounding the urethra swells. This is fairly simple to correct.

I have reviewed your initial photos and for lack of a better way to say it, there’s work to be done.

I would think you need more like 5 to 5 1/2 inches plus if you wish to be sexually active, although you may find men with smaller penile¬†sizes and all you need is one good lover and friend. They say “love finds a way.”

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Gender Affirmation Surgery – Miami

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