Waiting for male to female SRS vaginoplasty surgery

I will tell you my situation…

I started HRT and transitioned five years

in about a month (pause to pray that this
will happen) I should have an appointment for
facial feminization surgery. at this point I only
have to wait for my therapist to write a letter.
I planned to have SRS as soon as possible
after this pending my recovery.

a) do you think you know when you could
schedule SRS?

b) how much do you think that would cost me?
(it would include an orchidectomy.)

c) when you do surgery do you cut and
re-attach the nerve endings more or do you preserve
them? both?

d) how can I wire the money to you? if
you could provide the name of an intermediary
bank between Italy and the US that would help
my bank transfer funds a lot.

Any questions you have for me I will answer
for you as well…

thank you…


Dear Abrianna,

Thanks for visiting our web-site  We have some availabilities in the next few months. When do you wish to be done?

We return E-mail 2 to 3 times a day and can put all your questions to rest. Yes, our feminzing vaginoplasty include orchiectomy.  Virtually all of our patient are sensate and orgasmic.

See if these FAQ (frequently asked questions) are of help to you.

1. Where to start?
In every major city in this country there are therapists and physicians who will assist you. The best places to start are Dr. Anne Lawrence’s web-site

Once you made your selections and accept continuous cross-dressing for
at least 1 year and have fulfilled the WPATH requirements (see our web-site),
you are all set for below the waist surgery.

2. What are your fees?
MTF fees are related to a myriad of procedures which may include breast
implants, tracheal shave, and other feminizing facial cosmetic procedures. At this time
we are basically a breast implantr and below the waist surgery center.

Our affordable fees are posted on our web-site. For surgery and observation at our facility,
these are comprehensive fees which include surgery, anesthesia, and facility costs.

3. Is hospitalization included?
You have a choice. If you have a sterling letter of medical clearance,
you can be done as an outpatient at our facility with a 24 hour
hold for observation. Both an RN and I will be in attendance
during this time. Most likely you would then be transferred
to an upscale motel one block away for convalescence.
While you are there, I will see you every day and do dressing
changes and whatever is needed to keep you comfortable
and happy. You will have a catheter in for 1 week. At least
you won’t have to get out of bed to void.

The cost of the room with food service will
probably run about $130 a day. The other alternative is
to do you at a nearby hospital and the expenses are
quite a bit more. We are presently negotiating with
one medical center for a package deal for our

4. Do you require prior hair removal?
Definitely yes. Please confer with us about the areas
that need to be done. Essentially you will require
complete removal of any hairs on the shaft, and a
removal from strip of scrotum 2″ wide
starting at the base of the penis and concluding
1 inch short of the anal verge.

We are prepared to do touch up electrolysis
at the Reed Centre for any residual hairs that may be present.
Try to get your electrolysis out of the way one month before surgery
so your tissues have a chance to recover.

5. Also would like to know what your scheduling backlog is like?
We leave some time each month or flexible patient scheduling.

6. How soon may I have penetrating sex?
Usually no sooner than 8 weeks after surgery. Your rites of passage include
the obligation to douche a few times a week, and we’ll advise about this later on based upon your individual skin sensitivity.

7. Will I need a PAPS test and pelvic exams annually following my surgery?
Perhaps this question has been answered best by Dr. Anne Lawrence (see her full paper)
Essentially she concludes “cytology examinations (Pap smears)
probably have limited value following vaginoplasty. MTF transsexuals
should receive annual pelvic examinations following vaginoplasty,
but there no evidence to suggest that they would benefit from
vaginal cytological screening in most cases. However, if the glans penis
has been retained as a neocervix, cytological examination of the
neocervix is a reasonable practice.”

8. Will I be able to feel the pleasure of intercourse as a woman does
when I have had the operation?

Yes, if there has been a careful preservation of the neurovascular bundle
and creation of a clitoris from glanular tissue as well as
possible creation of a neo-cervix from the underside of the
glans, orgasm will most likely continue. We are very
fussy about this aspect of surgery as appearance, function,
and pleasure are all interrelated.

9.  Is there some way that my vagina can always be moist
like 100%…all day long?

Please understand that natal vaginas are not 100% moist all day long.  During arousal most will exude a fluid that is a transudate (like serum which is very slippery).  While you will not have this capability, our standard procedure includes the preservation of a urethral strip as a part of the vulva.  The provides a natural way to achieve moisture as well as lubrication during sex, but may need to be supplemented with oral sex or KY jelly..   Please see “male to female sex change” photographic examples on our web-site

Abrianna, we would consider it a great honor to be looking after you and be assured we will show you every courtesy.  Please write or call Anne, our amiable office manager for a Promotional rate.

If our office may be of further service, please feel free to call.

With best wishes for complete fulfillment of your goals,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


Picture of male to female sex change vaginoplasty


10/2 - Approachable either way.

Picture of male to female sex change vaginoplasty showing urethral moisture

Example #10: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery - Almost 7 weeks post op. Scars will fade.  10/1

Picture of male to female sex change vaginoplasty

10/2 - Approachable either way.

Picture of male to female sex change vaginoplasty, same patient rear view

Example #1: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery

Picture of male to female sex change vaginoplasty

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