Will an orchiectomy negate my chances for a deep vagina?

Told my orchiectomy will shrink my scrotum and make it more difficult to have a deep vaginoplasty if a scrotal graft is needed.  Is this true?


Dear Fiona,

We hear this every so often, but in fact only the scrotal skin is used for the graft extension, if needed and the skin stretches easily regardless of whether you have had an orchiectomy or not.  80% of our patients (thinking only of those who have not  an orchiectomy) get a scrotal graft gratis to help augment penile, length.  Even if your are uncircumcised, you’ll lose about 2 inches just going around the pubic bone.  We want you to be a turn-on as well as functional success.

Some MTF’s have an orchiectomy  done first for cosmetic purposes and reasons of economy.  We pass on to them a 1000 credit towards their vaginoplasty with us when they return.

Hoping this is of help,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Transgender Surgeon – Miami

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