Will I be moist, have a wet MTF transgender vaginoplasty?

Dr. Reed, Will I be moist, have a wet MTF transgender vaginoplasty?  Heard about you from a happy friend. Eva

Dear Eva,

Natal vaginas are moist only when aroused.  This fluid basically exudes from the inner wall and is a transudate or serum product.  During arousal the capillary bed dilates allowing the fluid to “leak” out.  Our transgender MTF patients do have some moistness in that area, but because the urethra which has a mucosal; surface is everted (opened) to form the vulva.

We tell all our patents oral sex or KY jelly may be needed.  Some male genitalia will elaborate emission before orgasm and this is good for the patient (if so) or may be furnished by the partner naturally.

Please look at before and after pi8ctures of male to female vaginoplasty patients who had surgery with us. (scroll down).


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami


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