Will I be wet or lubricated after my sex change vaginoplasty in Miami

Dr. Reed, Am strongly considering having a Sex Change Vaginoplasty with you  this fall. Will I be naturally lubricated down there?


Dear Louise,

Most of our patients have some vaginal lubrication. Possibly it may need to be supplemented with oral sex or KY jelly.  Natal women are not naturally moist until aroused.  This is why gynecologist put KY jelly on their speculum.  When women elaborate moisture this phenomenon is not related to excretion of glands that surround the vagina but technically a transudate or liquid serum that exudes between the cells.  What we have learned in the past  few years is that all men we have estriogen receptors sites.  Please visit our web-site srsMiami.comfor photos of moist vulvas.


This is based upon specimens of foreskin and scrotum we have submitted for biopsy from men who are not transgendered as well as transgendered patients during their Vaginoplasty.
estrogen receptors

Hoping this is of help,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


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