Wish to live as a woman. Had unilateral orchiectomy and breast biopsy. Seeking vaginoplasty and breast implants

Dear Dr. Reed,

Considering breast implants and MTF feminizing vaginoplasty

At 21, I had testicular cancer resulting in a right orchiectomy. At the time, 1960, I asked the surgeon to do a bilateral orchiectomy but he would not. Several years later, I underwent a simple left mastectomy as there was a mass under the nipple. The mass was removed leaving a rather large indentation on the left side of my chest.

Now, I wish to live the remainder of my life in as feminine a presentation as possible and would like to discuss possible procedures to complete my feminization, including breast implants.

Please let me know what might be possible in my case. I live in Naples, FL and can arrange to visit your Centre.


Dear Darlene,

Sent you an E-mail which is more personal.  Please call me on Monday and we can talk.  You have a choice of doing the breast implants first or feminizing vaginoplasty.  I don’t favor simultaneous surgery.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


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