Would like to be included in your first 16 in 2016 promotion

Dear Dr. Reed,

I am a transgendered female from Wyoming and have seen the many before and after photos of your work on   I hope I am not too late to apply for transgender surgery funding.  For me vaginoplasty is receiving priority over breast implants, but might consider both.


Dear Anita,

We are getting a steady flow of response to our assistance program.  About 7 places out of the 16 have been taken, and I anticipate within another 6 weeks or so, based upon previous years, this will just be a memory.  Our patients often come by way of referral from a friend who has had the vaginoplasty with us or accompanied her friend, or from a therapist who knows of other patients we have done.  We would discourage you from have both procedures simultaneously, too much surgery.

With kindest regards,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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